Dentures Dublin

Ballyfermot Dental Practice provide patients with a dentures Dublin based service that is designed to suit the needs of every individual and their oral health.

Dentures can be for people of all ages. Our team are vastly experienced in fitting dentures for clients in Dublin who are looking to replace teeth that have been extracted or that have fallen out. We understand the importance of achieving the most natural look possible for our patients.

We fit several types of dentures for patients in Dublin, including:

  • Acrylic

  • Valplast

  • Full upper

  • Full lower

  • Full upper and lower

  • Metal chrome cobalt

We work closely with every individual during a full consultation to ensure the type of denture they choose is best suited to their individual needs.

Have a questions about which dentures are best suited to you? Get in touch with us.

Benefits Of Fitting Dentures At Our Dublin Clinic

  • Provide support for facial muscles

  • Minimise skin sagging and more aged appearance

  • Restore confidence with eating and speaking

  • Secure unlike removable dentures which can often slip

Dentures Dublin FAQ

  • How should I clean my dentures?

    Keeping your mouth clean and brushing every morning and evening is just as important to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Removing stains or bacteria can also be achieved by using denture-cleaning tablets.

  • How much will it cost to fit dentures?

    At Ballyfermot Dental Practice, we offer competitive prices that will help you achieve the natural and healthy smile you are looking for. Call our clinic in Dublin to arrange an initial consultation.