Dental Tips

Once you leave our dental clinic, it is important to follow up with good hygiene at home. This is especially important for those who are more prone to issues, like diabetics, smokers etc. Essentially you should visit your dentist every six months and brush daily.

Did you know that your teeth are one of the first things a person will notice?

Tips for brushing your teeth

  • Consider investing in an electric toothbrush. They can remove plaque much more effectively.

  • Remember to floss every day. There are various things you can use, interdental brushes, regular floss, water flosses and more. Flossing gets rod of food of course, but also plaque.

  • Never neglect the back molars when flossing. They can be tricky – but this is a hotspot for plaque!

  • Spend a minimum two minutes brushing. Many electric toothbrushes have a built in timer. If not, you can use a watch, your smartphone – whatever makes it easier!

  • Remember not to brush too much, as this can actually wear away your teeth making them more prone to decay.

  • Ensure you are brushing up and down as well as side to side. Get every side of the tooth.

  • Choose a toothpaste that has been recommended by your dentist. You can opt for sensitive toothpastes etc. Each person will have a different preference.

  • Get a new toothbrush every 3 – 4 months. This ensures maximum efficiency!

Do you suffer from bad breath?

If you find you are conscious of your breath, there are a few things you can do. Make sure you are brushing twice daily. Do not forget to floss. This will remove plaque. Plaque can really cause bad breath. Remember to brush your tongue – or invest in a tongue scraper. Lots of bacteria can build up here. If you have an important event or meeting to attend, steer clear of strong smelling foods like garlic and onions. Smoking can also really cause bad breath, as well as discolouring teeth. Keep a travel toothbrush and mints in your bag / car etc. for those times when you feel like freshening up.